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"Fish Geek Complication Syndrome..."

Tannin Aquatics

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I think I might be like a lot of fish geeks…I tend to dwell on really obscure minutiae.

It might be part of my "makeup" as a fish geek- not really sure. Maybe it's a common thing with fish geeks?

On the other hand, it's not part of my overall personality...I don't think.

I recall back in college, I was fortunate enough to land an internship in one of the hottest advertising agencies in Los Angeles- or the world, for that matter, at the time. It was so cool! As an intern, I spent time in a few different departments, even though I was “hired” for my alleged copywriting skills.


One of the departments I was relegated to was called the “Traffic” department (yeah, even the name sounded boring..), where all of the media buying and seemingly mundane (to a wannabe young copywriter, anyways) and intricately detailed work was done. Translation- “boring” stuff. I remember “serving my time" in that department (yeah, that’s what my fellow interns and I called it) under a pretty crochet old advertising exec, who sort of loved and hated me at once. She’d dispense the occasional nugget of ad-biz wisdom, followed by a verbal “bitch slap” for failing to follow her byzantine record-keeping system. Once of the best pieces of advice she ever gave me was, “Don’t ever work in this department..you tend to get lost in the details…”


never forgot that, BTW. And it was a true summation of me as an aquarist, too! Who would have known? (click to read more)

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