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Hello from Electrokate in Portland OR


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Thought I would introduce myself, I have been working on breeding various inverts for years both marine and salt. Bred marine peppermints to settlement once, have kept carbon rili, blue pearls and yellow neons in the past. Now working with snowball shrimp, bloody mary and keeping a couple amanos for algae control in another tank (really old ones, didn't know they could live so many years). Anyone know how many years amanos live?

I don't have any good pictures of most of them but here is a picture of two female bloody mary shrimp showing different ages. 

I am hoping to get some decent carbon rili shrimp and a nice line of yellows again, maybe when I have more to trade. I used to keep crystal reds and blacks but had a lot of trouble with them during a hot summer and a hydra outbreak... probably will try them again since that was two houses ago and haven't seen a hydra in years.

I've also bred killifish and bettas seriously and a number of other tropical fish once or twice (blue eye rainbows, dwarf cichlids, dwarf seahorses, cory cats, fancy and wild type guppies and other livebearers, and by accident danios).

I've also had pretty bad experiences buying shrimp online and am extremely discouraged by it. I particularly don't get why anyone would ship animals with green fungus hanging off them or check to see if the breather bag is fully knotted before putting it in the box. I did save all but two of both those batches, but that sort of thing is just mind boggling. So hoping to meet some people who are trust worthy in the future!




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