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So...I'm really getting into the planning of my next project aquarium. Have I told you about this one before? I think I touched on it. I'm sure that the subject matter will pretty much blow you away- you'll be like, "Damn, never would have thought Fellman would try THAT in his next tank..." NOT.

Yeah, you probably saw this coming: I'm shooting for a little simulation of a deep (by aquarium standards, anyways) leaf litter zone, with near 100% coverage over the substrate. The kind of little "pockets" you see in tributaries of the Rio Negro.


Lots of leaves and maybe just a few botanicals, like "Savu Pods""Ceu Fruta"Coco Curls, or "Rio Fruta." The leaves will be a mix of Guava leaves, Magnolia, and maybe a few of the "Borneo Grade A Mega Catappa" leaves, which I've been itching to play with lately!


I don't think I'll be using any plants in this one, though, unlike in the Mike Tuccinardi pic of the Rio Negro above, or my office leaf litter tank that you've probably seen a 1,000 times already, below. This tank has provided me a lot of cool aesthetic "looks" as I've tried out different types of leaves for varying effects, which will pay off in this new tank. (click to read more)

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