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3D backgrounds - are they safe?

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So my question is about 3D backgrounds which can be bough on the internet. All companies that make them obviously state that they are completely safe, and do not leach any harmful substances into the aquariums.


Is there anyone that actually tried one of these, or knows how they are made and can evaluate if they are safe for shrimp tanks ? There is obviously some paint on them, which should not dissolve in water - but does it ? Especially considering the low pH shrimps tank have ?

Another thing which concerns me is that all the water behind the 3d background will most likely not be filtered as well as the rest of aquarium, since the water flow if highly restricted in these areas. Could this be an issue ?

Thanks !

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I have had one on a fish tank and never had any problems.  The water behind the background will get stale/stagnated, so I had a power head behind mine to keep the water moving towards the filter intake.  I personally would not use one in the shrimp tanks because your shrimp will end up behind the background.

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