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Is this a diseased shrimp?


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Just noticed this snowball shrimp has a cloudy body but only in the part where is the tail. I remembered somewhere that I've read cloudy body parts indicate a disease, so is this a disease? If so, what do I do?

You can see it on the picture too


Thanks for any help


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if you're worried its best to remove it into a quarantine and do a small water change in case any has spread 

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Removed the shrimp into a 2l quarantine tank (its pretty dirty, and for some reason cant get good pics of any aquarium animals with my phone.. so sorry for the blurry pics)

What should I do now? The shrimp was doing fine in the tank tho, eating and acting normal as far as i know, you guys sure he's a goner? 

I only have 13 shrimps in the tank :(








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I had to remove one of mine with this, it's called muscular necrosis.

Copy paste:

Shrimp with this condition is diagnosed with a white or milky discolouration of its back part, more specifically, the muscle tissue within its shell. This symptom is called Muscular Necrosis. Necrosis in biological terms is understood to be the destruction of one or more cells in a living organism. The result is an inflammatory reaction or decomposition of the surrounding tissue. Proteins produced by the decomposition of the cells will be released. And the milky white colour is seen in the tail part.

Symptoms of muscular necrosis can be caused by

Incorrect water parameters
Bacterial infection
Stresses in big pH changes, lack of nutrients and oxygen deprivation, can also lead to cell death under certain circumstances. This milky white discolouration usually begins in the tail region and spreads in a few days towards the head until the whole rump is a milky white appearance.

Treatment: Isolate the infected shrimp immediately, as muscular necrosis can be infectious. Generous daily water changes can often abate the disease. However, if the condition has affected the entire abdomen, a cure is no longer possible and the shrimp will die within a few days.

Check water parameters in the main tank. Ensure all parameters are within tolerated ranges for the species. This includes temperature, pH, KH, GH,TDS, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, and oxygen levels.

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Ah thanks... i'll drip acclimate the shrimp and put it in a 30L tank that has 5 neon tetras and see what happens, my guess is that it cant affect fish right? There are no shrimps in the fish tank so nothing to worry about

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