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Ph crash

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I'm  in the process of trying to switch tap water to distilled water in my 6.5 gallon neo  tank. I've  been changing the water slowly about 2 quarts at a time 1 drip per second per day with straight distilled water. I'm  trying to lower a very high TDS and went from 550 to 440 in about 5 days. but my ph went from 7.6 to 6.5. my neos seem to be okay, but how can I change the tap water to distilled water without crashing the ph? I have Red Wizard, but I'm  afraid it will keep the TDS high. Any advice? thanks!

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Thanks for answering. That's what comes out of the tap. :(  It was over 550 and now it's 424 with small, slow drip distilled water only addition. but my ph went from 7.6 to 6.5. how do I keep the ph stable while slowly changing over to distilled remineralized water only?

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Wow, that's really high for tap!  What is your KH and GH?  And what are you using for substrate?

I'd definitely add the Red Wizard.  It shouldn't up your TDS as it's TDS target value is lower than what's in your water.   That being said, I've never used RW.  I use Salty Shrimp GH+. 


If it still acts weird, I'd make up a whole tank's worth of straight distilled and reminerilize it using the Red Wizard and take measurements on that.  If everything looks good, catch the shrimp and drip acclimate them into the new water.


I think Discobee sells RW.  They might be a good resource to contact if you still can't work it out.

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I know, right? I hate drinking it. Yuck! I do have some RW. I was afraid  it would raise the TDS even more. I'll try your suggestion.  thanks!


(Good grief this stupid auto spell!!! I should have read my post before submitting it!,)

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