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Doubling down on nature...

Tannin Aquatics

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Have you ever thought about why we 'scape our aquariums the way we do?

I mean, we like to create things that look cool...duh. 


However, if you think about it a bit more deeply for a second...what is the purpose of an aquascape in the aquarium...besides aesthetics? Well, it's to provide fishes with a comfortable environment that makes them feel "at home", right?

Exactly...so when was the last time you really looked into where your fishes live- or should I say, "how they live" - in the habitats from which they come?


Well first off...unless you're talking about large, ocean going fishes, or fishes that live in enormous schools, like herring or smelt- fishes like structure. Structure provides a lot of things- namely protection, shade, food, and spawning/nesting areas. (click to read more)

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