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Getting to the bottom of...the bottom...in streams and such...

Tannin Aquatics

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We talk so much in the hobby about aquascaping, creating very unique aquarium displays, and utilizing all sorts of materials to achieve that goal. And we talk about seemingly every little aspect of the craft...Well, almost. And since I have a website, internet bandwidth, and a healthy interest in the arcane...let's talk about it!


(More brilliance from Johnny Ciotti)

One of the things that I always find a bit interesting in our aquascaping is that many of us just sort of seem to apply little thought to the substrate of our aquariums. I mean, if you're a planted aquarium geek, you'll spend a huge amount of time creating an "active" bottom, composed of varying fertilizers, aquatic sands, etc. However, the majority of us tend to find a substrate that looks cool to us, wash it, and throw it on the bottom. Done. (click to read more)

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