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Losing Yellows...


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I purchased 20 yellow neos about 1 month ago. They were healthy, active and eating well for about two weeks. Then I lost one. Then another. Then another. Never more than 1 per day, but over the past two weeks plus, I've lost half of the group. I can't quite figure out what the problem is. 


Water parameters:


Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrite: 0 ppm

Nitrate: 10 ppm

KH: 3

GH: 7

TDS: 191

pH: 7.2

Temp: 74F

There are plenty of molts laying around the substrate.


Now, I have 3-4 berried females, so the potential for this group to rebound exists, but I have little confidence that they'll make it long enough. I had purchased some Bacter AE, and I put a tiny amount in to promote bio film growth. The day after I added it, the first death happened. I haven't added anymore, and it's very possible that it was coincidental. I also did a 25% water change this past weekend.


Any ideas? The tank has some leaves, cholla wood, a little java moss. The exact same stuff exists in my other 3 shrimp tanks, and they are thriving.


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Params look good... Hmm, a few ideas:
Any sign of milky whiteness to the body of the deceased shrimps? Could be a bacterial infection.
Have you checked the parameters throughout the day? Assuming the KH is infact 3, you could still be having pH dips when the lights go off.
Do you use ferts/co2/excel? Maybe they can't handle it.
I've also heard of tanks ODing on Bacter AE, so I wouldn't mess with it anymore. I've used L'Bee Bacter Bee for a few months now and I haven't had any issues with it, even when I clearly overdose (which is only occasionally by accident, lol).

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I have seen the necrosis presentation before, and I'm not seeing that here. The yellows are really nice quality, and honestly, not very translucent, so it might be hard to really diagnose that.


Every time I've tested the water, it's been quite stable. I'm not seeing any shifts.


I read one review of Bacter AE killing shrimp, and about 25 touting how great it is as a regular food source. I'm afraid to use it now, although I put a little in each of my 4 shrimp tanks, and this one is the only one with any issues.


Now, it's possible there is some sort of fertilizer leaching out. The substrate I'm using came along with a tank I purchased a while back. Again, I have the same substrate in a different tank with red rili, and they are flourishing. But the substrate is an unknown. 


I'm going to try to continue with frequent, small water changes. Hell, maybe something got in there.

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