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Solving the "champagne problems..."

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You've undoubtedly thought about his before, right?

When you keep fishes and play with aquariums for a while, you start to notice little "patterns" in your tank. Not only patterns of activity of the fishes, growth in the plants- stuff like that. Rather, you start noticing times when the tank looks better, acts better...functions more smoothly. These are not alway predictable, but they're the times when we proudly report to our fellow fish geeks, "My tank is just kicking ass right now!"


Not only are these times enjoyable to behold, they represent something else: Windows of opportunity to really study and learn what is going on in the aquarium at the moment that has created this wonderful situation. All too often, we follow through on our regular aquarium practices, maybe make a tweak or two hear and there, and possibly- maybe, not an incremental favorable change or two in the tank along the way. However, it never ceases to surprise me how the "moments of awesomeness" that we treasure so much just kind of sneak up on us, right? Wouldn't it be nice to know what causes them? (click to read more)

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