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Breaking the "Betta Bowl Fantasy..."

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If you're like many fish geeks, at one time or another, you've probably kept at least one Betta at some point in your "career." Most likely, a "fancy" variety, purchased in a little cup, and then unceremoniously added to a little bowl somewhere. 


Until relatively recently, this was my impression of Bettas in the aquarium hobby. One species (B. splendens), small bowls and cups, and improperly kept, dangerously inbred, low-quality fish found by the million at "big box" pet stores. And of course, for the longest time, I believed that these fish favored the confining, decidedly not-so-good environment of a small container of water. 

And, how could you fault me? That's kinda how they've been "sold" to the world for generations...




Sadly, the cultural myth of Bettas being adapted to this kind of micro-environment has endured in both the hobby and popular culture, and we're all pretty much convinced that they live exclusively in little tiny puddles in Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Southeast Asia. (click to read more)

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