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"Accommodating" versus "adapting..?"

Tannin Aquatics

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It's really cool that there is more and more discussion about blackwater, botanical-influenced aquariums. I'm stoked to see this evolution! Not just for what you'd think would be the obvious reasons- Oh, you know, I sell botanicals to accomplish this stuff...

No, no.


Rather, I'm stoked for the reason that we as a hobby are studying and learning and perfecting methodologies and practices for creating blackwater environments in our aquariums, which is helping to unlock the secrets about caring for and breeding some challenging fishes. We're questioning the "prevailing mindset" that we've held regarding the way we approach things in our aquariums. We're questioning the "status quo", and sometimes just thinking why we do things the way we do?

It's an interesting mindset shift that has been constantly evolving.

One of the topics that has come up more and more frequently is how we approach pH management in blackwater aquariums. Or, more specifically, how we adapt our animals to the parameters that we have created for them in our aquariums, and if there is a better approach to this. (click to continue)


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