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Berried ghost shrimp still berried... eggs not viable?

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Female passed away this morning. :( I found her swimming upside down or straight up, did a 30% water change (perimeters were all 0). She had about 50% of the eggs on her still at this point. 4 hours later she was dead, no eggs on her. I'm guessing she had a bad molt. I'm going to keep the tank up just in the slight case there are shrimp larva in it but I very much doubt there are.  Any input on what may have happened (with the eggs or the mama) would be appreciated. 

I started out my shrimping ventures with 8 ghost shrimp, from 2 different stores. I lost 2 in a week but the rest were doing great. Molting, growing and eating like little pigs. I'd check the tank regularly and monitor the ammonia levels. I finally ended up finding a berried ghost shrimp the week before Thanksgiving. I had another tank set up, with a sponge filter, ready to go and moved the berried shrimp into the other tank. (they were set up and treated the exact same way so that the water chemistry wouldn't be a shock to her) At this point the eggs were tiny green blobs right up by her abdomen so I knew it was early on. 


2 weeks in her eggs had swelled a bit, turned slightly translucent and I had hopes this was a good sign. 


That's where all egg changes seemed to stop.    She STILL has the eggs attached to her. Are they viable by any chance? Or will she eventually remove them and give up this venture? I read that "gestation" for these eggs is upwards of 21 days as we have far surpassed this. 

She has an air stone (I read they need moving water to kick the larva into) , fully planted 2.5 gallon tank, and sponge filter. 


What the heck is going on with this shrimp?  Can "gestation" last this long?


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Thank you for help but are you sure you are talking about the shrimp I have? There are multiple shrimp identified as "glass" or "ghost" shrimp, that range from freshwater only (What I have, from what I know?) to brackish or saltwater species.  

Wouldn't Palamonetes paludosus species die in brackish or salt water? I have had friends that have had successful breeding in fresh water tanks so I am rather confused about your statement. (One had so many she started feeding them to her cichlid..) 

I really am not convinced these eggs will hatch, is it possible after so long? I will try to get a picture for proper species identification and show the eggs. She still often fans them and is happily munching on anything she can find in her tank so she doesn't seem stressed. 

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This morning she's acting very strange. She is rapidly swimming all over her tank, but its at an angle. She's either upside or face up the whole time. I was just watching her a moment ago, and she even landed on her back and flailed a while until she was able to get back up into the water. She's acting very distressed. Is this what they do when they kick off the eggs? She seems to be have less attached to her than she did last night.  Will update post with video in a second. 


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