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Rising TDS


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So i have successfully bred cbs/crs mischlings with neo parameters (ph 6.8, gh 6-7, kh 4-5), but the thing is that my tds over the past 4-5 months have been slowly rising. Now it is about 260. My shrimp are fine, just they stopped breeding. I presume it's because of the winter time, but I have noticed that the newer cbs/crs are turning more clear. I do water changes with RO water remineralized with ss gh/kh+ once every 2 weeks. Is it no big deal or should I start to SLOWLY lower the tds?

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Take out any rocks.  

Take out any decaying material.

Clean the tank.

Clean the filter.


Most people will disagree with this but vacuum the substrate, it makes a huge difference for me.

I block off half the tank with a piece of plastic.  Then make sure there are no shrimplets, and vacuum the dickens out of everything.

Let it all settle, then do the other side.  Usually cuts my TDS in half.





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