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Struggling a bit with GH, KH, and pH


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Hey guys, I run a mixed tank of bee shrimp and neos. It's a bit hard to keep a good balance of water parameters, but I've had varying success over the past year. I was telling my main breeder I buy from that I have a mixed tank and my pH runs a bit on the lower side at 6.6-6.8 because I use distilled water. He told me my main concern should be GH especially for neos.


So I'm at pH 6.7 GH 4 KH 0


Everyone seems to be ok, but I have had 3 deaths over the past month and I'm trying to tighten up these parameters (all other parameters read 0). 


Keeping in mind that this is a mixed tank what would you think a good medium is? Should I buy Salty Shrimp GH and raise it to about 6-7? Do I buy GH/KH and raise them both a bit? 


Your thoughts please. Again, remember I'm trying to find middle ground I can't influence this tank completely for neos and kill my bees.



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Hi Pat,

  I had similar concerns as it has been less then a year on my shrimp journey.  I too lost numerous shrimp over time and with help from past posts and current advice things seem to be doing well for me.


  I've learned that stability in all parameters is essential.  Salty shrimp Gh/Kh put the parameters in line with what is needed for Neos.  The parameters that are working for me are Ph 6.5, Gh 7-8, and Kh of 3-4.  I have started with rain water at 6.2-0-0 and r/o water , added SS and low and behold healthy moulting, berried females,(one days away and one about half way there) and successful Demi cray hatching.


  While I'm at it  Thank You All for your help as it was a rough start and without your generous sharing of information my adventure would have probably ended.     Mike

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