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Help, shrimp came early!!


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Hello, I recently started cycling my first tank for Crystal red shrimp and I ordered all the supplies and set up the tank. When I ordered all the supplies I also ordered the 20 shrimp and in the shipping instructions I asked them to delay the shipment for a month. Two days later the tank stuff came and I set it up and started cycling. The next day the shrimp came. It seems as if they didn't pay attention to the shipping instructions and sent them ASAP. With no other options I put them in the tank and they seem to be doing good. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep them that way in a sparkling new tank?


The TDS is high at 260 and the ph is 6.7 my test kit hasn't come in for ammonia, GH and KH yet so I don't know about that. The shrimp seem active, I started with 20 and I regularly see at least 10 out running around. The smaller ones are either hiding or dead, I am hoping for the former...


The alder cones, Indian almond leaves, and driftwood are arriving today along with my full test kit.


I am using Fluval shrimp stratum. I have Java moss and dwarf baby tears. I have mineral stones and Cholla wood in it. I am running a sponge filter hooked up to a Fluval 306 that is adjusted to half flow. The tank is a 30 gallon.

I am running purigen, phosguard, and carbon in the canister filter.
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Considering the situation, what else could you have done?  I would not panic, keep a stealthy eye on the remaining population of the shrimp and keep a record of any deaths.  I'd keep the tank as barren of plants and decorations as you can so you can keep a record of their numbers.


I would get an email off to the company you bought them from, and ask why they didn't follow your instructions.  I'm going to also suggest if they are reputable that they might replace any losses considering their mistake. But don't count on it.


  Did you start a 'fishless' cycle using household ammonia?  This might be a problem. If you haven't , don't start one. If you have, you might get away with doing a few small 20% water changes using the same water you filled the tank with, properly warmed and let it off gas any wintertime excess dissolved oxygen.


 The main thing for now is to keep the remaining shrimp alive and that means don't do anything to change their water's chemistry or temperature, including adding Cappata leaves, driftwood, or Alder cones.  I'm assuming the shrimp substrate is a pH stabilizing one.


If all of them appear to still be alive, you might just let them settle in and let the tank cycle naturally, this is a really, really tiny amount of bio-load for a 30 gallon.


I would feed them very lightly if at all.

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Ordering the shrimp so quickly wasn't smart.

If they were purchased from eBay or Amazon and not the sellers website directly, they have metrics to take care of which means they can't hold your shrimp for one month as that will hurt their account status. 


Chances are most will eventually die because you don't even have proper tank and guessing water parameters as your test kits have still not arrived.


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sorry to hear about your mishap.  I would not try to hold the seller accountable for the "mistake".  Please dont take this harshly, but It is not their duty to babysit your shrimp for a month while you cycle a tank.  You are asking them to hold them for you and in the event any die in their hands while in holding I am sure you would not accept.  therefore they have to replace the dead ones with more from their stock as well as keep up with sending them out way past the normal shipping time frame.  imo youre asking way too much of the seller.  


The only thing in your favor is that if they did not want to hold your shrimp for that long, they should have refunded your money or contacted you about what options you had.


In the mean time, I would stay on top of water changes.  Test(when you get them) your parameters daily.  The purogen, phosgaurd, and carbon should help as well.

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This post isn't about assigning blame, if there is blame then it is all on me. I am not asking for a refund and I am giving the seller a good review because the shrimp were both bigger and higher quality than I ordered.

The reason for this post was to try and save the shrimp. I am currently waiting by the door for the tests to arrive. As soon as they show up I will post the results.

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1 hour ago, Revdrlon said:

Got the test kit and have done everything but ammonia and all the results were good.


Great news.  I would do this everyday till its cycled.  Also dont feed the shrimp as the food (except snowflake type) will possibly put ammonia in the tank.

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