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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum and for the short time I've been a member I've been extremely impressed. The wealth of information and wonderful, friendly, and helpful members has been fantastic to see and I'm very glad I joined.

A bit about me: I've been keeping fish since December of this year. I have a planted 26 gallon bowfront with panda corydoras and two very lazy nerites. Recently I got some beautiful purple and pink mystery snails from a member of another forum; soon after that I got some red cherry shrimp from my local fish store. Both the snails and shrimp are doing well in the bowfront with the corys, and the shrimp have started to breed. My females are fairly nice, almost solid red and pretty large, but my males aren't as nice and range from nearly clear to fairly red with bits of clear. Had I realized when I bought them that I could've gotten better quality shrimp that what my LFS had I would've, but I'm enjoying my cherries nonetheless. Their antics are quite intriguing to watch.

Needless to say after buying the cherries I caught the shrimp bug. I'm setting up a 20 gallon hexagon for mystery snails and blue dream shrimp. I can't wait! 

Thank you all for being so kind and helpful in my short time here. I look forward to being a member here and enjoying everyone's shrimp!

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