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Currently I have been keeping caridinas. It was my first time trying it out last year and I would say overall it has been quite successful - although here and there I faced some difficulties and shrimp loss.


I have two tanks:

- One with CRS A/S, with higher grades popping up here and there.

- Another with CRS x golden bee (I got them for free). I am trying to see how their offsprings would look like - possibly golden bees that I would want to try breeding. I will not be mixing these guys with my CRS A/S though.


Anyway, I hope I can learn more and also share my bits of opinion in shrimp keeping here! 


The photos show growing shrimplets from the CRS A/S tank! 





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Welcome Rehab to the Shrimp Spot family.  Plenty to learn as well as differing opinions on what works (and doesn't).,,,,Mike

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