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What plant would work in my case!!


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Hello to all who view this!!


As you all can see in my photo attached my Monosolenium tenerum Pellia is out of Control. Matter of fact, I AM TIRED OF IT!!!  It breaks to easy, and leaves a mess. The snails I have in the aqaurium are eating it and it has holes in it, and it adds more to the mess.

I know it is good for my Shrimp, I plan on keeping a Little bit in the Aquarium. maybe on the left side. Anyways, is their anything that you all would recommend to replace the rest of this stuff. I was looking into star moss, and some sort of Fissidens, but any ideas would help. Something that Does not require a lot of light or CO2.


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I love your tank.

I'm a fan of fissidens now that I figured out what i was doing wrong. I had it in a tank that was much warmer than it liked, so the stuff I though was dead hulked out when I semi-mothballed (no heat or food) the tank and left it in a 60 degree air conditioned room.

I'd like to cover a large piece of drift wood in my Mary tank but worry it would overrun my weird mosses (or maybe they are strange algae?)

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Can i have some if your getting rid of some . How do you get your scape to look like this?.like what wood is that how did you get the plant on there ? Hows your water so clear and how do you not have any hair algea at all in there ? The hair algar is just too much for me , makes me want to get rid on the tank completely, it also ruins my other plants.

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I have no Wood inside this Aquarium. Only Dragon Stone. I built the Substrate up in the back and the rocks Keep it from falling. It helps to have a lot of plants to Combat hair algea. Plus using the correct amounts of ferts, and light.


I would have no Problem getting rid of plants. I throw a ton away every month from this Aquarium.  however; I do not know if you would like to pay for the shipping cost since I live in Germany. You could find plants at your local fish store. It would probably be cheaper for you to go that route.


Lastly, I have did some remodeling of this Aquarium. Does not look the same as above anymore. I will try to post a Picture of it later.


Kind regards,


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