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Super crystal black

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Hey guys I haven't seen them around. Would it be better to breed low grade cbs with SCR to get closer to SCB? Or would it be better to select more black coverage from low grade cbs? I'm assuming the color coverage would be the first step to replicating a SCB? Thanks

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you'll ruin SCR and Its reaaally hard to get the right pattern for SCR and SCB. There really isnt a shortcut besides starting from getting grade b-c and starting from there to breed the color richness, but even then you'll produce tons of the cull A patterns etc that youll want to remove. Its better to just buy it from someone. Jason Lin from Blue crown located in El Monte, frequently imports them in along with SCR. I have a picture of a Low grade SCB from him. Let me find it.

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SCR Santa and low grade scb. The low grade was just the left over straggler from when he did have scb because he doesn't sell low grade as regular :) 




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