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Missing Eggs from tumbler


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Yesterday, Thursday september 14 I woke up to a molt with eggs on it. I have never had mother molt her eggs off or die berried until now. I luckily had an ibron egg tumbler for exactly this and set it up. There was one free flying egg, a pack of 2, and a pack of ~12 slightly stuck together from molt remnants.


Within an hour I could not find the single egg and figured it got tangled in with the big bunch. As I was looking for the single I actually got to witness 2 shrimp hatch from the pack of 12 which was fascinating. Went to get food and came back to the 2 pack now also missing, leaving the 2 hatched shrimplets and the pack of 10ish. 


I figured I would give them at least a night to hatch and I was very excited to check in the morning. Sadly when I looked in there, it's only the 2 shrimplets all of the other eggs are gone. I literally just don't know and am temporarily chalking it up to me setting the incubator up wrong and them escaping somehow. The only problem with that is I am pretty sure I did not set it up wrong lol I followed every direction I could find.


Let me know what you guys think as I am out of ideas at this point.

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