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WTB Blue Dream/Diamond


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21 minutes ago, Jadenlea said:

If noone here has any, Joe's Aqua has them at a good price.   i know he was a member here ...not sure if he still is


For what it's worth, Joe's Aqua sells imported shrimp. Can't deny how good his prices are, though.

His website is jtibee.com and he's based in San Jose. 


Dazalea on this forum sells Blue Dreams that look to be quiet nice. The website is currently down but can usually be found at shrimplife.net


There are several Aquabid sellers who sell USA bred Blue/Black Diamonds for reasonably cheap and many who sell Blue Dreams (they're much more common).
Dhu32 has some Diamonds up right now. He's CA based.
I've personally purchased from Sethanie and can recommend her. She labels them as velvet blue dreams or something and her pictures suggest they're blue dreams, but she's actually selling Blue/Black Diamonds. They'll breed blue/black with a couple browns and occasionally a red (low-grade bloody mary).

There are many more that I have forgotten about, including on this forum. TPT has a smaller shrimp community (and some overlap with this one) but there are some sellers there that don't necessarily overlap so it's worth checking there too.

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