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Appropriate Species designation

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Alright, throwing this one out to the wisdom of the crowd.
Someone sent me down a rabbit hole recently when they pointed out that some research indicated that the Tangerine Tiger was actually not a C. serrata but rather a C. cantonensis. Despite the "red Tupfel" shrimp being a C. serrata, the Tangerine Tigers from the store all appear to be C. cantonensis


First, in 2005, there was a lot of destruction of Caridina serrata(I do have access to this paper). C. cantonensis was emphasized.

Then in 2014, there was a new proposed revision of Caridina cantonensis(sorry, I don't have access to that paper)Serious Fish Article

Here is what I have been able to figure out.
There seems to be a few species of freshwater shrimp in the Hong Kong to Vietnam area. This is where most of our domestic strains emerge.


Tiger Shrimp = Caridina mariae

"Bee Shrimp"= Caridina logemanni 

Common domestic shrimp =  Caridina cantonensis (which honestly looks more like a tangerine tiger shrimp without color than anything else)

It seems, from what I can read, that these were all hybridized to produce our pet shrimp. The striping of C. mariae(tiger stripes) was bred into C. cantonensis to produce our tiger shrimp. The large spots of C. logemanni was bred into C. cantonensis to produce our bee shrimp. This is common in breeding programs.

Good article from fish breeder on cross-breeding to introduce dominant genes-Goliad Fish Farm

Do I basically understand the current state of affairs? So, our Bee Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp, and Tangerine Tigers are all just "C. Cantonensis". However, they had been hybridized.

Is there any further research I am missing?

Did I misunderstand something

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