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Surprises from BKK Tank, Help with IDs

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At one point I had a BB and BKK Panda tank. I took it down and separated the BKK's into their own new setup. I only had 3 left after the die off in their old tank. The female of the 3 has always had a peculiar backline since the day I bought her as a BKK Panda.  About a month ago I noticed roughly 12 babies I was surprised to see that there were pandas, black dominant BKKs and most interestingly about half the babies came out with a zebra pattern. Also about a quarter of the babies have pretty orange eyes, maybe not full out beat orange but not dark at all. Now a month later some of the zebra pattern babies are showing head spots. I would like some clarification on what I am dealing with here genetics wise. It seems I am no longer in the realm of pure Taiwan Bee. Below I will have some pictures of the babies and the 3 adults.







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