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Super Fancy Tiger limited sale !

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Super Fancy Tiger 2 sets !

• 5 pcs per set

• International Shipping 

• Male and Female Mixed

• size 1.5cm-2.0cm


Please PM !IMG_5537.JPG.20681b8b7e2add9cec5f87235ae9e253.JPGIMG_5539.JPG.bbb0126f694e2a8827f021dfdcf7322d.JPGIMG_5541.JPG.45286898f2e2afb343c67bc187beacbe.JPGIMG_5542.JPG.8a65575c3ebec75da424c6f421f37eaa.JPGIMG_5543.JPG.3eaac6ebea66997948e3e0a8a44633f0.JPGIMG_5545.JPG.655d90f871760e1cee24baaae73965a6.JPGIMG_5546.JPG.5d5e58f273958da17d91c87f0dc33e4a.JPG

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