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Are these blue dream and black rose?


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Hello shrimp spot I just set up my first shrimp only tank and got 6 shrimp from my LFS. 3 blue dreams? 1 black rose? And 2 yellows. I'm got the yellows for a friend who is cycling his tank. Idk if these are blue dreams or what Strain of blue and if I accidently got a black rose and can I mix them with the blues. Last 2 pics is that a black rose 








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The shrimp in the 1st and 5th picture definitely look like Blue Dreams to me. The shrimp you think is a Black Rose looks like one to me. I've had Blue Dreams for about 6 months now and what I've noticed is that they throw a fairly good amount of greyish shrimp that I have to cull out of the tank. I'm not sure if it's because of the breeder I got them from, but they don't seem to breed very true for me. Although, I do get some really nice Blue Dream babies as well. Another interesting thing I've noticed is that I have some full black shrimps that came from the Blue Dreams. They look just like the Black Rose I have in a separate tank, so I'm debating on if I should leave them in with the Blue Dreams or add them to my Black Rose colony. From my experience, they should be okay together. If the black shrimp came from the same tank as the Blue Dreams, I would think that they came from the same clutch of eggs and should have similar genetics to the Blue Dreams. You may eventually get babies that have a darker coloration to the Blue or maybe even work towards Blue Dreams with a blue and black rili pattern. This may take some time and culling, but for me I'm most excited about mixing shrimp in the future to get some new patterns and colors. If you're worried about dulling the genetics of the Blue Dreams, you can either return or separate the black shrimp. Or you can keep her in there (she looks like a female) and wait for her first set of babies. If they turn out to be mostly Blue Dreams or blacks then the one you have most likely came from the same parents as the Blue Dreams. If they turn out greyish or look more like the wild type neos it's possible that the black shrimp came from a different genetic line, or your line of Blue Dreams is as inconsistent in producing Blue Dream babies as mine. I hope this helps and makes sense! I had a hard time wording what I was trying to say so feel free to ask for clarification. Nice looking shrimp and congrats on your first shrimp tank!

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Thanks allot man I'm gonna wait ,I'm gonna be ordering 10 blue dreams online to add more to the colony and gonna be giving my friend the yellows. If the black rose and blue dreams make brown babies after a few generations I will also give her to my friend. 

I got a planted tank from my uncle with 20 red cherrys ,some of them have been coming out blue and red.

Petco dollar pet gallon sale I'm gonna upgrade the blue dream tank to a 10 gallon 

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