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Zero kH for OEBT and Bloody Mary Shrimps

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Hi Everyone,


I messed up. I am planning to keep Bloody Mary and OEBT in my new set-up tank. I used RO water with small amount of dechlorinated tap water. I bought Salty Shrimp gH+ to get gH and TDS readings. At the end, I achieved these parameters:


7.2-7.4 pH


8 gH

160 TDS


As you can see, the water has no kH and low TDS. I just learned that these are not good for these shrimps especially if you have inert substrate (black sand) and plants (Anubias). There is no way now to return my Salty Shrimp gH+ and get the gH/kH+ as I have opened and used it already. I really want to get 2-4 kH range if possible, and I still have room for change (low TDS). Any advice how to do so? Or am I screwed and have to start all over?

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Thanks for the comment everyone. I already fixed my kH.


I did a lot of research about the best salt to use for KH. It seems like the best salt is Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). Even the KH conditioner that you guys suggested seems to be using baking soda as well. For my case, I added calcium carbonate as much as I could dissolved and added baking soda to increase kH. Here are my new water parameters:


7.4 - 7.6 pH

1-2 kH

8-9 gH

179 TDS


If higher KH is necessary, I can water change and get that specific KH. Any comments and suggestions are really appreciated.

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kH range for neos is usually said to be around 3-5, although they tend to be fairly tolerant. 1-2 is a little low, I'd just bump it up a degree or two over the next couple water changes.

No one has asked yet but what is your substrate?

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I think that I can work with that kH. I will do water change this week. I can still do it now since I don't have anything yet in the tank (I am waiting for wyzazz :-) for awesome shrimps). I also believe that this kH is a bit low for both neos and tigers. Here's where I got the info combined with info I got from wyzazz.


I have Black Diamond sand substrate.

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