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To heat, or not to heat?

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Hello everyone!

Does any long term pro shrimp breeder know the affects of warmer water when breeding neos?

Should I use just my room temp or should I actually heat the water?


I heard they get bigger and live longer when in room temp and I heard they breed extremely faster in warmer water.

Any information on this subject would be awesome!:) Thanks.

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You've pretty much said it all right there! 


The warmer it is the faster they grow and breed, their lifespan is shorter and they are more susceptible to bacterial infections.   You also have the potential for a heater failure that could possibly cook your shrimp depending on the heater.  


The colder it is the slower they grow and breed, they live longer, less susceptible to bacterial infections & there is less to fiddle with/less room for error.  


I have 17 tanks and only heat one of them, it's my dwarf puffer tank.  The shrimp tanks are all unheated, and my temps drop into the low 60's in the winter.  

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Same here. I don't heat any of my shrimp tanks. My basement gets down to 62 in the winter, and they do just fine. Goes up to low 70s in the summer. Also fine. 


I've had many heaters fail over the years, and in my opinion, if you can get away without them, absolutely do it. I've come home to a boiled tank before. Also, heaters cost the most to use, so your fishroom/shrimproom expenses will go down. 

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If you are just doing neos you could heat the whole room if you wanted but it may get expensive.  It does increase breeding and growth quite a bit but the expense of heaters and the risk of a failure is likely not worth it unless you just have a couple of tanks, or are heating the whole room.  At some point I mean to try putting small shrimp in 2 tanks, one heated, one not and actually measure the difference.  My experience was from 10 years ago or so when I imported snowball shrimp and split the shrimp with a friend.  His tank was heated and mine wasn't and his shrimp were twice the size of mine when I went over there to look at them (don't remember over what time period that was though). 

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