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Camera fundin sale!!


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I'm going on vacation next month and my birthday is this month. If I can get enough fund I want to buy this for my self for my birthday haha.. I'm almost there!!!


Mini Xmas moss25$


Mini pellia 25$

Flame moss15$

These are 2x2 ledges like in my tanks, may have some moss but I will try and pull of everything I can

I can put one of these on a up aqua ceramic moss pad and include the suction cup for an extra 6$ (actual cost of moss pad)


Triangle 10$

These are 1x1 mesh and I only have one each right now


Erio parkeri 5 for 25$

Limno aro and hippuroides 10 for 13$

Hygro pin 10 for 13$


Sudo cubes 13$

Moss islands 11$

Cholla wood 1.75$

Ial .25

Alder cones .10

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