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Cinnamon sticks

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Hi all

I had an issue in one tank a month or so ago with the death of some sub adults and first time berried tiger hybrids. They were eating and active then got slightly whitish bodies. I thought it was a molting issue until a berried one died. It was probably a bacterial infection. Did water changes/water testing with no real answer, as water parmeters were fine. 

I have lots of leaf litter in tank. I have not had any new deaths.  I was reading that cinnamon sticks have antiviral/antibacterial properties and that the shrimp enjoy eating them.  Anyone use them? I ordered more guava leaves. I also read that Glasgarten beta GLucan prevents “milky body” in shrimp.

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Milky bodies point to muscular degeneration.  Aside from that, I don't know much more.  Water changes and very small doses of H2O2 can help (I've heard).


The cinnamon sticks certainly won't hurt, and I'm sure the shrimp will love them.  Just boil them first for a little while and then chuck them in the tank! 

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