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My Organic/Bio Shrimp food is a hit!!!

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I wanted to inform anyone interested. I have been making my own Shrimp Food. And developed  a few kinds that my Shrimp go nuts over. I have powder and round pellet types.


I dont have good Pictures. The one posted is with the pellets. About the size of a BB. This is a mix of Multiple ingredents including Mango, and Avocado seed. 

I will try making a Video, If anyone can guid me on how to post one on the Forum.






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It sure is. It is the seeds that I am using.  Here is some Information on the Nutrition of mango seeds.

100 gram of mango seed offers

13 g of Total Fat

32.24 g of Carbohydrate,

0.19 mg of Vitamin B6,

6.36 g of Protein,

1.3 mg of Vitamin E,

2.02 g of Total dietary Fiber,

22.34 mg of Magnesium

and 0.12 µg of Vitamin B-12.


Moreover many Amino acids

8.4 g of Leucine,

3.23 g of Isoleucine,

2.31 g of Histidine,

3.8 g of Valine,

2.04 g of Threonine

and 3.13 g of Lysine

are also found in 100 gram of mango seed.  That is a lot of Yummy stuff for These Little inverts.   I forgot to mention my Otocinclus like the pellets also. 

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It would be around 20 Dollars through DHL.  If you are interested in buying some. I am willing to give it a shot.   




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I have checked with Germany postal Service. For shipping it will cost €16 which will be around $19.25 to ship to the states.

I am asking $12.00 for 65g pellets.

and $9.00 for 30g powder.

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