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Neocaridina + Cardina Cantonensis + Caridina Babulti

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Hi everyone,


I have been talking to a friend of mine about my freshwater aquarium hobby, particularly my about-to-start shrimp set-up. Now, he wants to start his own shrimp tank. We were just discussing about possible species that can be keep without interbreeding. For neocaridina, he really liked Bloody Mary like me. For Caridina Cantonensis, he likes tangerine tigers (he said OEBT are weird and "pitiful" -> because they are blind). So, he will definitely buy these species.


As a beginner like me, he started thinking of a third species. I told him it will be impossible to find one, and (from the advice that I got from here) it is not ideal. He did his research (as he claimed) and found that Caridina babaulti will be perfect candidate. He said that this species will not interbreed with tigers although they are the same cardigan genome. And the water parameters are identical to both of species, neocaridina and tigers. He wants to get the zebra stripped version of babaulti. I really don't know what to say to him anymore. I don't want to get into any argument with him.


Any thought, opinion, and/or suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you.


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Interesting choice. If it were me, I'd probably shoot for "ideal" tiger parameters. The neos and babaulti zebras will be fine with that, since they both have a broader range of parameters they can thrive in. Tigers are actually Caridina Serrata and will interbreed with the Cantonensis species (TBs, CRS, etc.) but your friend should be fine with those three species co-existing with each other in some form of inert substrate.

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With the choices rather than the babulti why not Amano? They won't interbreed and are in my opinion more adaptable than even neos. Similar colors and more variety of size.... Though I can't comment on if they'll get along with with the tangerine tigers as I've never kept them together.


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My bad about the Serrata vs. Babaulti. I just assumed that tangerine tigers are the same as OEBT's. Now, this opens a question of interbreeding between babaulti (zebra) and cantonensis (OEBT). Just a thought of curiosity. As for parameters, I said the same thing. Make the water parameters close for the tigers since they are the most "sensitive" of all the species.



I already talked him out of Amanos. However, I tried to be fair about Amanos. Mixing them with other shrimp could be 50/50. Some people say they are aggressive while some other's don't. With tiger shrimp in the equation, I think that it will not be 50/50 chance anymore. I got some advice form here as well about this.

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OEBT and red tigers are actually Caridina Mariae. 


I don't think the babaulti can interbreed with the other caridina species like tigers, bees, crs, sulawesi, ect. I imagine you would hear about such hybrids by now, if so. 

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