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Time to get tanked!


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Okay I know the tanks I have are nothing compared to the amount of tanks that a lot of people have but having five total tanks seems to be a bunch for me haha. As per requested of people here are pics of my tanks and what I'm using in them for the time being. I've already made a journal thread for my Mr. Aqua 7.5 gallon cube tank which houses my PRL so feel free to look at it http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/916-evos-ebis-prl/ Anyways here are the rest of my tanks. Enjoy!


First off we have the Fluval Ebi. They say it's a 7.9 gallon tank but I tend to round up and say it's an 8gallon tank haha. For this tank I'm using roughly 3" of ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, Ebi-ken Shou balls, Benibachi Zeroa plate, a sponge filter, heater from AFA, and Aquaclear 20 filter and a 3w WavePoint 10k clip light.


I chopped up some fissidens fontanus and spread it onto two pieces of driftwood and had that sit in a tub next to a window to grow out...turns out that's a bad idea when summertime sun is in full effect. It grew algae up the whazoo so I blacked it out for over a month. When I came back to the tub the algae was all gone and I thought the moss was done for as well....I was wrong haha. So I took the driftwood pieces and put them into the tank and that's that haha. They're growing nicely on the driftwood and I'll snap some pics of that later as I'm just posting pictures of the overall tank:


Tub setup for the driftwood:



Fluval Ebi:



Next we have the TruAqua 11gallon cube tank. It's also pushing around 3" of ADA Aquasoil Amazonia for the substrate, sponge filter, AFA heater, Aquaclear 20 filter and an Archea 7w 6500 LED clip light. I have a breeder box attached to this tank for selective breeding later on down the road so since the tank is cycling I might as well have the breeder box cycle too!


The plants in this tank are Mini Piella and Queens moss in the tank itself and I have Fissidens Fontanus in the breeder box




Right next to the TruAqua tank I have a Do!Aqua 45P 10gallon tank. This one runs 4" ADA aquasoil Amazonia substrate, and Aquaclear 30 filter, sponge filter, Benibachi Zeroa plate, AFA heater, Eheim 2211 canister filter and the 5w Finnex Fugeray-R clip light.




And here we have the two tanks mentioned above sitting next to each other!



Finally we get to the 20gallon long tank. I got this already pre-cycled with a colony of low grade cherry shrimp, five low grade (colorwise) SS and SSS+ CRS, an Eheim Jager heater, Eheim 2213 canister filter, Current USA t5 light fixture, a sponge filter and about 2.5" of ADA Aquasoil Amazonia and random stem plants that I have no idea what their names are along with bits of Fissidens Fontanus, Mini x-mas moss and a whole lot of snails -_-






I have attached the Aquaclear 20 off my now taken down Fluval Edge as well as added in three breeder nets which house Blue Bolts, TBs, and PBL, as well as and Aquatraders LED fixture. I'm having a light hanger being made by one of my co-workers at the moment so that I can hang the light rather than have it sit so low on the tank. The reason why I have the breeder nets in this tank is because as I've stated earlier the other ones are still cycling and are a few weeks away from finishing.


Now some may call me crazy for not having any plants in the tank while they're cycling but I was recommended to have at least 3" substrate, no wood or rocks in the tank aside from bee balls and plates, blast the heaters up to 80 degrees and let them sit....this way of cycling tanks takes up to three months to complete the cycle and I have no complaints about that since they're empty haha....but when I re-do the 20gallon long tank I'll be using a different approach to having it cycled so it should be done in a lot less time HAHA. Sorry for the super long post but I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the tanks I have!

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Did you pull the wall out/off of your Ebi? Or are they selling without now?

I really wanted one as my first tank, but a more experienced friend convinced me to do a standard tenner for more versatility and a larger volume. (He was probably right, and I love my tank now). The one thing I heard about the ebi, though, was the wall kept popping off... Looks like you don't have that problem, at least! Looking good!

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Yeah I pulled off the wall of the Fluval Ebi haha....The Ebi's wall is Styrofoam that is siliconed  onto the glass so I just used a razor blade to scrape all of that off haha. No problems with that and I didn't really like it as I prefer the glass background on my tanks but I will be spraying the back of the 20gallon long tank black background since I think it would suit the overall view of what I have planned for the tank.


I've had PRL in the Fluval Edge (6gallon) before moving them into the 7.5gallon Mr. Aqua cube and they did well but yes had to stay on top of things to maintain the parameters for it lol but it's alright for me since I like nano tanks hehe

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