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Another cooling question


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I just converted a shelldweller tank on my desk at work to a shrimp tank.  As things are starting to warm up here in Utah I'm starting to get a little worried about the weekends.  Our AC is shut off for the weekends.  Outside temperatures will certainly be over 90 most days.  I know when I've stopped in on the weekends it's been extremely hot.  My tank is 20 gallons.  Do I need to consider a chiller?  Do you think fans will keep it cool enough?  Or should I just bring it home?

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Hi BigJake,


My advice is to bring the tank to your home. I used to think of bringing a small aquarium at work. However, I thought about it deeply. I am a type of person that likes to simulate different future situations (the "what-if" moments). And I always came up with problems. I do get you though. It is nice to have a view of your tank even while at work. But I do like the "thirst" of gazing my aquarium after coming home from work. 



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