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Mosquito and Mosquito Larvae

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Hi Everyone,


As you all know, summer is right around the corner. That being said, bunch of pests will start to arise. Well, in my case, I just discovered that I have mosquito in my shrimp tank. Here's the story: Few days ago, I found mosquito larvae swimming around my shrimp tank. I tried to remove them. I thought that I was able to remove majority of these G.D.B.C (using bad words). Now, few days forward, I found newly left over larvae skeletons on the top side of my shrimp tank and transformed mosquitos under the shrimp tank glass. I slowly took the glass and laid it on a mat to squash the mosquitos (most of them got squash). I think that the tank at this point is larvae free, but I am not 100% sure.


Here's my question: have you guy ever experience having mosquito larvae in your shrimp tank? If so, how were you able to get permanently rid of them? I have thought of putting some fish in my tank. But I know that it is not a good idea. I was thinking of betta fish but I have never dealt with betta with shrimp. I never have ever use chemical route, and I would not ever unless that is the only option. 


I thank you for your response.

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As far as I know anything that will kill mosquitoes chemically will also kill shrimp. Betta love mosquito larvae but kill shrimp as well and in all likelihood will kill shrimplets.

I have endler guppies (hybrid) that are supposed to be fairly adept at it and less prone to eat shrimplets. I plan to test the theory on a bin outside that will have shrimp but cannot say for certain at this point.

Many danio or rasbora will nab them as well but again are just as likely to hunt shrimplets though full grown shrimp are generally safe with danios and rasboras. I use Celestial Pearl Danios to control seed shrimp in my shrimp tanks, works well to separate and condition for spawning but after a week or so when seed shrimp have been decimated they begin hunting shrimplets.

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I keep Bumblebee Gobys as Shrimp and pest control, they hunt  baby shrimp, detritus worms, mosquito larvae  when I put some in, they don't last long. I used to keep a Betta in the tank with the shrimp but he prefers his cube over the 2 foot tank,  Some Bettas are fine with shrimp.


This guy never bothers the shrimp, unless hes stealing food from them



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Thanks guys for the input.


I was hopping to get community of fish (around 5 max) to help control the daphnia (or whatever I have) population as well. This is the reason why I am debating between Betta and community fish. I would love to get your input on this one.


I defenitely don't want to get something that will chase shrimps (both shrimplets and adults). I know Betta tends to not be too aggressive or hunt depending on their environment. If the are in a pretty big tank like 20 gallon, they usually don't care about their surrounding but will occasionally go around and check. This is based on my experience. That being said, they are best for mosquito larvae and anything that likes to dwell in the water surface. On the other hand, community fish will likely devour anything that moves within the aquarium and that fits into their mouth.


At this point, I am sure that I will get fish. I am still debating which fish to get. I definitely don't want to regret it at the end. I hope to get more input on this.

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the best advice that I was ever given was that if a fish can fit it in their mouth, then they will eat it.


that said some fish are known predators of shrimp and more so of shrimplets to be specific such as tetras.  even celestial pearl danios will go after the shrimplets.  I have read many times about bettas living peacefully with shrimp and I have heard many times about a betta decimating a shrimp colony.  I think it would just be based on the bettas personality really.  I only keep oto's with my shrimp

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Thanks @chappy6107


Yeah, I have seen that advice many times. 


As for Bettas, it is definitely hit-or-miss. Some Bettas have bad temper while others don't care about the world. Most of the Bettas that I had in the past were the later. But I know that their temper can be affected by many things. 


I almost have bought a Betta few hours ago. But I have learned my lesson throughout this hobby. Right now, I don't have any shrimp yet in the tank. It will be devastating to separate the Betta later when I learn that he/she likes shrimp as snacks. I have decided to do very large water change instead to minimize the load of whatever unwanted creatures I have in this tank. From then, we will see if those creatures propagate again. I will then decide if I should purchase Betta or not.

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