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Subwassertang for trade


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I have quite a lot of Subwassertang available, also known as round pellia.


Would prefer to trade for neocardina shrimp.  I'd like to start a new colony in a newly cycled tank. Already have RCS, so would prefer something different - blue, yellow, or orange. 

If you're not familiar with it, Subwassertang / Süsswassertang isn't a moss -- it's a fern gametophyte, but was previously classified as a liverwort. I'm a beginner and I started with a golf-ball size almost two years ago. I now have about 5-10x what's in the pictures, all in my low-tech tanks. Subwassertang doesn't root, so you can't attach it too well to things outside of a really rough surface (lava rock), unless you use rope, rubber bands, etc.. My shrimp love the stuff. 


While I'll try to take them off, my plants likely have little snails. I believe they're ramshorn -- they're tiny, never get as big as a pea. My water's ph is high, 7.8 or so.


Thanks for looking.


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