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Crystal Red Question


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Was looking to possibly keep crystal reds and was wondering if I would encounter issues with my params from the tap and in my tanks.



nitrates: 5-15

nitrites: 0

ammonia: 0

Kh: 1-2

gh: 3-5

tds: 145



kh: 1-2


tds: 100


20-30% water change every 7-10 days with tap using a python. Tank is 20 gallons

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Tap water and Caradina don’t usually go together well. The numbers look okay on the tap but what exactly is in the 100 TDS 🤔 

More plants may help lower your Nitrates 👍

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Your pH might also end up being high as a result of the carbonates in the water, what is it in your tank?
I had a tank that sat at kH 1-2 for a while and the pH sat at 6.8-7.0. Not enough to kill caridina immediately but I lost over 50% of the caridina I put into the tank over the course of a couple months.

It also depends on where your caridina come from. If the breeder is keeping them in "harder" water (by card standards), then that works out great. If they're in traditional kH 0, pH ~6.2 water, you might be pushing it.

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