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Creating a weekly feeding schedule

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I need help creating a schedule for which shrimp food to use.
I really don’t understand much of the difference in the Shrimp King Products, I know my shrimp need an assortment of nutrients (protein, fiber, minerals) I’m not sure what I need to be feeding these guys especially with nearly half of my Blue Bolt tanks stock being berried females (18 out of 50ish.
First I will list what I have and plan to do...
• BetaGlucan (Powder)
• BacterAE (Powder)
• Shrimp Baby (Powder)
• Mineral Junkie (Soft Pearls)
Shrimp King
• Complete (Sticks)
• Algae Pops (Sticks, similar to Snow Pops)
• Veggie (Sticks)
• Color (Granules)
• Yummy Gum (Putty)
• J Food (Wafers)
So as far as the GlasGarten powders are concerned I’ve decided to use their schedule listed on their website.
But instead of using GlasGarten’s Shrimp Dinner I want to use the Shrimp King products that I already have. I don’t know which of the products I need to be using.
— I have 9 tanks all Caridina, mostly Taiwan Bees but I have two tanks for Galaxy Pintos and Tigers.
— I use feeding dishes so I don’t normally use the Shrimp King Color because it’s granules and difficult to get them in the dishes.
— I think I can get away with feeding GlasGarten Mineral Junkie twice a week probably just adding it at the same time that I feed the Shrimp King sticks.
I would be very grateful it if I could hear some of your feeding schedules.
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Hi @cdaJiv. I focused my feeding schedule around alternating between powdered foods and pellet/solid foods throughout the week. This is my feeding schedule:

- Sunday: Shrimp King Complete

- Monday: Shrimp King Protein

- Tuesday: Bacter AE

- Wednesday: Shrimp King Mineral

- Thursday: Shrimp Baby 

- Friday: Frozen Bloodworms

- Saturday: Betaglucan


I've only used these foods, so I can't give much of an opinion on the other foods you're planning to use, but so far this schedule has been working for me. I believe the most important nutrients for a shrimp feeding schedule are some sort of protein food, a mineral food and powdered food. Protein is needed for the females because they use up a lot of protein when they're making eggs. Minerals are needed to promote healthy molting (most of my shrimp deaths seem to be due to failed molts so I feel this is the most important IMO). Powdered foods are essential to ensure that babies are able to get the adequate nutrition needed for optimal growth since it may be harder for them to get to pellet foods that're swarmed by the adults. 


I chose the Shrimp King foods simply because Rob from Flip Aquatics recommends it and uses it for all of his shrimps. I learned about 90% of what I know about shrimp keeping/breeding from him through his Youtube channel and have been successful, so I followed his advice on foods as well. Bacter AE IMO is the best food you can feed your shrimps if you could only choose one food because it provides the shrimps with their natural food source and it spreads around the tank so even the babies can get some. I like the Shrimp Baby just to ensure that the babies are getting enough protein in their diet. As for the bloodworms, I've heard mixed opinions about using it, but decided to try it because I had a bunch left over from when I used to keep more fish. My shrimp LOVE it so I feed some to them once a week as a sort of treat, then follow it up with betaglucan to keep their immune systems as healthy and efficient as possible. 


I only feed once a day because I tend to overfeed and I don't want to pollute my tank too much, but I've heard that feeding multiple times in smaller quantities throughout the day is best. The fact that you have berried females must mean that you're doing something right with their feeding though! Again, this is all my opinion based on experience and what I've heard from other more experienced shrimp keepers. Hope this helps and good luck with your shrimp keeping!

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Thanks great reply.

I’ve had the problem with half food getting eaten I imagine your right about feeding smaller quantities multiple times a day.

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I’ve been feeding as follows for the last week and have seen amazing improvements.


• GlasGarten (Shrimp Baby, BacterAE & BetaGlucan)


I dose these late PM before I go to bed


I alternate these daily normally dosing <1 spoonful (few pinches) being carful not to overdose. 


On Wednesday’s & Saturday’s I feed BetaGlucan, 1 full spoonful. 



GlasGarten (Mineral Junkie Pearls)


1 Mineral Junkie Pearl 2 times a week Wednesday & Saturday 30 minutes before the lights go out (around 7:00PM).



Shrimp King (Algae Pops & Complete)


I feed these everyday, I use Algae Pops more often than Complete though because I feel like it is easier for more of my shrimp to access because it expands greatly when wet and is less likely to be held hostage by several of the bigger shrimp. 


I no longer feed before going to work in the morning... Instead I wait until I get home around 5 PM, I feel like this gives the shrimp more time to eat all the BacterAE & Shrimp Baby powders that I dosed the night before and so they will have more of an appetite when I feed after work. 


Between 5:00pm and 7:30pm I feed 2 or 3 times, about 1-2 mm of Shrimp King Pellets each time waiting until food is nearly completely  eaten before adding more. 




I’ve seen amazing improvements in appetite and eating habits in the last week. So much that I can’t believe how more active and scheduled my tanks have become. I am starting to see more active fry in the front of my tanks with them hiding less. The juvenile and adult shrimp are also more active, I can see that some of the shrimp will never come out to eat the first dish of food but will always be the same to come eat when I feed the second or third time. 


I believe dosing the GlasGarten powders at night and not feeding before work, plus the fact that I am not overfeeding and expecting old flavorless food to get eaten has helped my tanks a lot. 


Thanks JSAK,

Hope this helps someone.

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Sounds like an awesome feeding schedule! That's some dedication to be feeding them on such a regular and consistent schedule like that, but it's probably the best for the shrimps IMO (and it seems your shrimps love it as well). By feeding them so many times throughout the day in small portions you're not only ensuring that all the shrimps get food, but you're also providing them with a wide range of nutrients. I'm interested to hear if you start noticing more berried females and babies now that you changed up your feeding schedule since they're getting food constantly and consistently. The fact that they're eating all the food and not leaving any leftover means that you're doing a good job of providing the right amount for them each time.


How do your shrimp like the Mineral Junkie Pearls? I was considering getting them when I was first getting into shrimp and figuring out my own feeding schedule, but decided to go with Shrimp King Mineral as I'm more familiar with the brand. Anyway, keep up the good work 👍 I'm sure this information will help those just starting out with shrimp keeping as there are so many different types and brands of shrimp food these days.

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