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Hi Everyone,


First, I would like to thank everyone who has given me every piece of advice. Now, as some of you know, I am having some problems in my shrimp tank (no shrimp yet though). Small creatures like mosquito larvae and some unidentified one have been propagating in the tank. At first, I decided to buy fish to minimize these creatures. However, I know that the fish could easily choose the shrimps when the unwanted creatures decrease in number and/or shrimps become easy meal. So, I have decided to go to water change route instead.


I am thinking of buying a RO/DI system. The water that I have in the tank is distilled water from Walmart. However, I do not really have to do any math to see that this route is more expensive than buying an RO unit. This is more of capital cost vs. operational cost. I need everyone's input on this one. I want to buy a reliable RO unit. It would be nice to get a inexpensive one. But throughout this hobby, I have learn that it is ALWAYS best to get the best. For instance, buying 20 gallon aquarium now because you want an aquarium. But you want 75 gallon aquarium and then you buy the 75 gallon later. If possible, I want to know your experience (good and bad) about the particular unit. And if you can go back, would you buy it again?


Thanks everyone.

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Any of the BRS RODI units are great. 




This is the one I have... and I upgraded to the 150g water saver. Doing this upgrade wastes less water and creates water a lot faster. 


There is a cheaper option, that is 149.99, but it doesnt have the TDS meter and flush valve. 

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