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Temperature change resulted in a huge spike in breeding.

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Just thought I’d put this out there because I didn’t know it would happen.
My air conditioner went out in my house about two weeks ago. I don’t use heaters in my tanks because I feel like it’s just another think to have to mess with or keep an eye on. My temperature in my tanks is normally room temperature which is between 70°-72°F but when my AC went out it jumped to around 80°-82°F in the tanks.
One of my 20g long houses around 55-60 Blue Bolt SS grades that I received a few months ago and I had not seen but 2 or 3 berried females, after my AC went out it took one week and already I’ve got almost half of my stock in my tank is berried I would guess somewhere near 25 females carrying eggs.
I got my AC fixed the other day and temperatures are back to normal, I’ve had no deaths from the change in temp and wanted to know if it should be alright to keep my tanks at my usual room temp (70-73°F).
This is not a singular incident, throughout my 9 total tanks I’ve seen this happen in the last two weeks.
I’ve researched on it somewhat and found that; High temp
Increase breeding,
Increase appetite,
Reduce lifespan,
Result in lower levels dissolved oxygen.
Low temp
Decrease activity,
Decrease breeding,
Decrease appetite,
Increase lifespan,
Results in higher levels of dissolved oxygen .
I wonder if the higher temperature is why the change in activity, breeding, appetite... but could it rather be that the waters ability to hold dissolved oxygen that causes this change in behavior?
On a side note, this got me thinking about my plants ability to pearl which has seemed to have disappeared over the last few months even though they seem to be in good health with the CO2, ferts, and lighting to still be at the same levels. The only think I can think of that would have changed is that I used to have a small heater in those tanks.
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Warming water also decreases the amount of dissolved CO2 the water can hold. Just figured that’s also part of the equation when it comes to your plants not pearling anymore, not sure how though. 



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Most plants are tropical... need temp 24-26c to grow.

When temp raised like the srimps, metabolism of plants change grow faster.

Also when temp increased bacteria also grow faster.

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