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White eyed pintos

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Anybody have suggestions for what I should call this strain? I am currently cycling a new tank to start specifically breeding out this line,but can't come up with a good name other than "star eyed pintos/king Kong's" or the generic "white eyed"


Edit: also hoping to combine these genetics into some Galaxy pintos  to have " star eyed Galaxy pintos" if possible which is the only reason I thought of that name

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Are their eyes actually white or is it their eye "stems" that are white? If it's the latter, it seems to be pretty common in certain pinto lines. I even have quite a few myself with white around the eyes as well as the eye stem themselves. If they are truly white eyed, I'd imagine they are blind like the orange eyes. I've seen newborn shrimp with white eyes. I guess they are blind for awhile too. 

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Yeah it's the whole eye,at least on the ones I'm trying to get to breed with each other. I had a feeling it probably meant that they were blind 😕 some others from this same brood of eggs have just one white spot covering both eyes. I'm trying to only breed the ones that have color separating in between them though 

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