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Project Green Jade

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Hi SheldonR. The cheapest option would be to just breed out the ones that you have and as the population gets larger, you can take out, or cull, the less desirable and lower grade ones. By removing the lower quality ones and leaving the higher quality ones, you'll strengthen the genetic line and increase the chances of the offspring having the higher quality genes or possibly even turning out to be a higher quality than the parents. This way takes more time, but IMO is more satisfying and gratifying as you'll sort of create your own line of Green Jades from the lower quality ones and they may be hardier for you since you'll have bred them in your water conditions for so many generations. 


Another option would be to try to find another seller online who sells higher quality Green Jades that might be more expensive, buy a couple, and put them in with the current ones that you already have. The genetics from the high quality shrimp will mix with the lower quality ones and give you a better chance of having higher quality babies. Then, you can cull the undesirable ones from the colony as the population increases. I tend to choose this option if I'm able to find high grade shrimps for a relatively low price and/or from a trusted source. Or sometimes if I have the option to buy low and high grades of a type of shrimp I'll buy maybe 5 or 6 of the low grade and 2-4 of the high grade to save a little bit of money but ensure that I'll have a relatively good amount of shrimp to start the colony. Hope this helps! Green Jades are awesome! 👍

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