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Hallo from Italia


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Hi guys. 

Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Italian and I'm learning to speak eng alone. 

I read your forum from a lot of time and now I decide to write too. 

My name is Giuseppe and I'm 25 years hold. In Italy don't exist a lot of person interesting at shremp so I hope that in the future we can have a big community like this. The only big forum that we have is not so follow, so I hope u accept me here. 

Actually I have 3 tank with 30 liters. I have red cherry, blue dream and Masapi. All my tank is breed with walstad metod(same Masapi) and for the moment them live and riproduce great. In the future I want transform my garage in a shremp room. So, ty for your attention and spry for my English. 

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