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Sellers in the UK giving you all male?

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Is it possible that the breeders from ebay in the UK are giving all male crystal shrimps? I have bought from 3 separate breeders 22 shrimps in total and I swear I only have 1 or 2 females maybe as when they are swimming their breeding dance as I like to call it there is usually only 1 or 2 'sitting' shrimps, which I've been told are the females... I had a tank before in another country and I never had a problem of having a good mix of sexes and so had lots of babies.. 3 months later and still no babies  when the shrimps are of a good size now. I have a theory that they heist all the males out while they are swimming around and these they give to us... Can someone tell me my theory is wrong? 

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It's usually the other way around, since females are brighter and usually have more color a lot of sellers here only sell females. Very common with bloody marys and painted fire reds. Seeing this is a possibility, cant see why sending only males wouldnt be. 

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Thats why its better to buy small shrimps ...

Its very dificult to recognise the genre when its young.

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