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Need Help Identifying Local Shrimp

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Okay so I got these shrimp from the river. At the time they seemed clear with a hint of yellow... Now they've changed. Most seem to have darkened in colour as they gotten older. Even if this is normal for a shrimp I really need help identifying them. For right now the possibilities are:


-Malaya Shrimp

-Ninja Shrimp


My berried females are 2.5cm. At least the one I have measured... They range from clear with brown spots, a snowy colour, dark brown with a white stripe and clear with white shrimp. Really fascinating, to be honest. To help with identification as well... I live on one of the Seychelles islands, a bunch of islands located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. 



Oldest Picture Of A Berried One The First Day I Got Them:



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Top left picture clearly shows white bands, so definitely not neo species. I've never kept either of the two names you mentioned but it's easy enough to distinguish the difference between those two species by size alone. The Malayan shrimp is roughly the same size as an amano, whereas the Ninja shrimp is about the size of a typical bee shrimp.

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