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Shrimp For Sale


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Tomorrow it starts! Quarantine is over! Pictures below and pricing below. Not all shrimp that were brought in will be for sale.


Shipping is priority $15.00 with 100% DOA with a picture of unopened bag next to my label within 1 hour of delivery.


Will ship Express 39.99 with same DOA guarantee.


All Neo Caridina have been quarantined and salt dipped 3 times. They were also inspected before shipment and by me after salt dips one and 2. i did it 20 at a time in a specimen container with a flashlight. Then dipped them one last time. They have been in their tanks ever since with no issues..


All Caridina have been quarantined to make sure Health was good.


All Neos are import

Mine 10 on neos

Neos - Kept in ph 7.2 Gh 7 to 8 Kh 3 to 4 tds 250 to 300

Top Grade Bloody Mary - $4.50 each

Top Grade Green Jade - $4.50 each

Top Grade Blue Dream - 4.00 each

Top Grade Golden Back Neo Yellow - 3.10 each


All Below Caridina are import

Caridina - Kept in Ph 5.8 to 6.2 gh 3 to 4 Kh 0 Tds 100 to 120 Temp sub 72

Red Ghost - $5.00 each

Super Crystal Red Santa Hat - $10 each

Taiwan Bee RKK Mix Panda Stripe and possible hino - $5.50 each

Taiwan Bee BKK Mix Panda Stripe and possible Hino - $5.00 each

Black High Grade 3-4 Spotted Head German Pintos - $9.00 each

Black Nanshi Pinto - $18 each

Black Ebi Tengu Galaxy Pinto - $36.00 each

Red Ebi Tengu Galaxy Pinto - $42 each


All below Caridina are home breed and kept.in separate tanks

Blue Bolt Taitibee - $3.75 each

Yellow King Kong $3.50 each9178d63db3e184dbad6d52fc1be4e37b.jpgdcc238ebfa43a2d8fdc7bf98f243d6f5.jpgc5d5fca5281d644ace52bf4a0d168b9c.jpgcbdfaa9d2f5b5e9b241b205f96abe356.jpgb3ab0915bdac4205011a48d674f459da.jpgdc6551addac650f84fc0a1ada44dd3c3.jpg85db0fba378c2af4fac677b2843ca40a.jpg7600c228e6837da94be0e88f1a66750e.jpg78499ceec42121fbf6a7f9f57aeba68c.jpg37cf793737fee24498101bb7fed92857.jpgcecf6f2a340bbb8b79fdf5522a7c7812.jpg175f799c7266375fe312691f6d4d725f.jpg96c40a4edeffdb273d760dc6a422a1f4.jpgc22a2c477a0c7f54edc41cca78086836.jpgf793edbedc6bbf4601a9e73396d53c2e.jpge6673cc9b22652dd8dff1614c3b6429e.jpg95a51bd7a3bda77ad586dc53006a85ae.jpg


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