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Hello - I am new to the forum.


I have never kept shrimps before ( have kept tropical fish in various types for many years ) but I am about to , I have all the gear ready to go but am moving house in a few weeks so waiting until then to get stuck in.



Now moving on to the title question / s ..... do King Kong shrimp breed true?


Does black X black always = black - same for red X red and yellow X yellow.

Also mixing the colours - I've read somewhere that black is dominant to red but the red can be carried in split form ,  where does the yellow form stand in this is it recessive to both black and red ?


I have noticed there are various patterns in KK ( extreme - with the tip of the tail white against a solid main colour ) but also some with bands on them, are these actual recognised patterns

or are they just better / worse grades ?


If they are recognised patterns - do the patterns breed true also ?


Which shrimp are required to breed KK's without using a KK as a parent?





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