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So I have a 5 gallon Fluval Spec V with an air driven sponge filter too and I ordered 3 Red  Nanacy. I had one that was a female but she died from a failed molt leaving me with 2 males

A month or more later I won an auction of 10 Black Pintos. They were a mix of Zebra, Spotted Head and Belly and I think being that the 2 males were the original inhabitants that they were dominant and mated with my newer female Pintos.

Long story short, the new girls gave birth to Red Nanacy, Zebras, Spotted and Bellies of course and Blue Bolts and Snow Whites as well. 

I know the Pintos are of German decent but the out ome has convinced me that the Asian Nanacy is simply put, their version of a fancy Pinto.



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