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Snow White - Golden Bee


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I am interested in taking up with Snow White Caridina - however I have a slight problem in so far as I have seen pictures of pure solid white shrimp with white legs and also shrimp similar with

a distinct golden glow.


I have read that the pure snow white form are from the black form devoid of any black - and that the golden bee are from the pure red form devoid of any red.

On looking to purchase the snow white form I have found nearly always that they appear golden in colour on the various websites rather than the pure solid white.


On these sites some have  stated that the Snow White and the Golden form are in fact the same shrimp and that the snow white form is a higher grade than the golden bee, others offering the disctinctly

golden variety but listing them as Snow White.


Can anyone offer any help as to whether there is a white from black form and golden from red form or whether they are in fact the same shrimp but a different grading.

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Ah thank you - Fairly new to the shrimp hobby so not sure exactly - i have read that there is a pure red line and pure black line but was led to believe ( maybe wrongly so ) that neither of these forms were completely devoid of and red or black.


Thank you again for the info I will look into this further :) 


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