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Journal of a first time PRL breeder


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I use to breed betta’s 20 years ago as a high school science project. Started a low maintenance aquascape a few years ago and just let it go on it’s way until I decided I wanted to try my hand with PRL CRS about a month ago.


little did I know I would need to completely restart my tank with RO water and all that so I sold off all my excess plants and am starting new. Some of my original CRS kept dying and I couldn’t figure it out until I was informed my water all wrong.


i’ve decided to start with established lines, throw them all together in a tank and see what comes out of it in future generations. Not the most scientific but I don’t have space for more than one tank nor the time to dedicate to it.


so far I’m working with the following lines (probably will updated with more in the coming month(s)



MK Breed



29 gallon tank

ADA Amazonia substrate

gH 5

kH 1-2

tds 115

ph 6


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